Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Gaza

Open the borders so aid can reach injured peoples in need as a direct result of the acts of genocide set against Palestinians for 22 days (this time). The imbalances involved in the genocides taking place in our world, have to be checked without further procrastination. Anytime you have thousands of civilians being killed in cold blood, a third of them child citizens, you have a blatant revealing that power gone unchecked has grown full of itself and believes itself superior to natural diversity in nature and humanity.

We have the ability to effect change with our spending power.
Boycott Israel, Divest from all companies benefiting from the genocide in Darfur, and be very aware that affecting the money of tyrants is affecting their 'achilles' heel. When peaceful protests are not as effective as they need to be, you can be sure it is time to employ strategy.

Please enjoy the writings of Roots from a Fallen Tree, to learn of direct companies that can be boycotted, in your stance against genocide.

Thankyou to all who participate on the 27th of the month to raise awareness of human rights abuses and solutions to overcome the abuse of power against 'the common people'.

An article on the recent Holocaust in Gaza.

Enjoy a nice missile toy courtesy of GiveMeSwank.
It's meant to help us think. No matter how charming the wrapping, corruption is corruption. Malice is malice.

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