Saturday, January 24, 2009

Conscious Ink- Diverse Alternatives

It's been an active goal for sometime to compile the names and works of underrepresented authors. In Purple Mag we host a Modern Myth issue annually to provide people of color with alternative images of themselves that aren't tainted by tokenism, or blatant misrepresentation. I'll be adding more authors and artists of color who write in fantastical/speculative realms as I come across them in the annual issue as well as online.
There is also the possibility that all issues will become Modern Myth issues this year, as there is more than enough diverse mythmaking talent out there to report on. More on this as it develops.

If you're one of them, definitely drop a sistah links to your work, stories or excerpts you think would be a good fit for PurpleMag/UU (as we'll print some works online as well as in print) to: purplemag at

Submission guidelines are sent as an auto-response to your emails, and also include a link to complete submission guidelines for the magazine.

Purple Mag's group ConsciousInk is a group put together to see that our alternative underrepresented media is compiled in a network that is easy for interested readers/partakers to locate. Our top-secret ning site hasn't generated alot of activity as of late, but will likely be transformed into another medium for the same intention shortly. By submitting your stories, you are contributing to the ConsciousInk movement and adding your name to a pool destined to shine with the names of our alternative authors.

We've recently stumbled upon some beautiful Motherland rooted pens:

Valjeanne Jeffers

Lulu: Immortal
Googlebooks preview of: Immortal
Ning: Immortalsite

Malon Edwards

You can connect with him through:
East of Mars

and read a few short stories published in:

Juked- Stealin'Sunshine

Down in the Cellar: (warning: adult language) Built for the kill

Brothah C'BS has revealed a site filled w/ Black Sci-fi Splendor:
Rumour has it the Great Charles Saunders is a part of this growing community.
*squeal of delight*

I recently found ,
an interesting Sci-fi realm.
Click the link to peep it
and purchase it here.

More intel to come.
Drop your Diverse Art/Lit recommendations in an email
if inclined *_^

We're considering live pow-wow sessions and group writing sessions through:
Stay tuned for details.


six blocks east of mars said...

Thank you very much for the mention. I have to make sure I submit something to Conscious Ink. I appreciate all you're doing to make sure the underrepresented artists have a voice. Keep doing what you're doing.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace ^_^

Thx for stopping through. Definitely submit your writing and links to new stories when inclined *_^ Also send word of any recommendations you may have.

We'll be adding a ConsciousInk button in the sidebar soon, so entries of new ConsciousInk authors/artists are easier to locate.

We'll keep an eye out for your work.