Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hyped About Harakiti

I stumbled onto mentions of the flyness that is Prince Quan Luv's Harakiti in late December, and am waiting somewhat impatiently for it. A story that focuses on the underrepresented truth of Motherland Ninjas (that have existed regardless of largely being excluded from mention) is needed in a society like ours.

The youth and inner children of all deserve celebration of root identity and the fruit it extends. Shine on Prince Quan.

I'll keep you posted on the developments as I catch them, or receive them.

For more intel on the series email: Giveback@thegalaxyriders.com


Anonymous said...

motherland ninjas! this looks nice...

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Queen *_^

I was hyped coming across this. There's a Myspace page for it too. I know it's a large task, but I hope he knows it will be well-received. Harakiti is definitely needed.