Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Incident of Police Brutality in Texas- Call For Penalty.

(KPRC-Houston) A police officer shot a former professional baseball player's son outside of a Bellaire home early Wednesday, KPRC Local 2 reported. Anthony Cooper said a Bellaire police officer approached him and his brother, Robert Tolan, in their driveway on Woodstock Street near Evergreen Street in Bellaire at about 2 a.m., after they returned home from a fast-food restaurant. "We didn't know it was a police officer at all until he turned on his light, his flashlight, and had a gun," Cooper said.

"They didn't even ask us any questions." Cooper, 20, said the officer told them to get down on the ground. "We were going into the house and our parents came outside," Cooper said. "Our parents said, 'What's going on?' They didn't say anything to us but, 'Get down on the ground.' They said, 'Well, it's a stolen vehicle, ma'am.' She's (the mother) like, 'What stolen vehicle? That's his vehicle.'" "The vehicle was later determined not to be stolen," Assistant Police Chief Byron Holloway said. "The license plate was run, but exactly why they believe it was stolen... just don't have the information to make a comment on it." Cooper said the officer harassed Tolan's mother. Cooper said that when Tolan yelled at the officer, the officer shot him in the chest. "Shot him on the ground," said Cooper. "Not even in the arm or anything. They shot him in his chest."

Police said Tolan wasn't on the ground when Sgt. Jeff Cotton fired.

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As in the case of Oscar Grant you can call, email or send a physical letter to the City councils and police departments of areas where police brutality has occurred and demand justice, as well as tough regulations for renegades who pose as officers but in reality dishonor the badge. Please continue to raise awareness on your blogs, sites, through twitter and your other social networks. The more voices raised, the more power there will be in creating a just system.

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Jeffrey Wright was recently tased and pepper sprayed while handcuffed alongside Josh Brolin


Vérité Parlant said...

Zoe, did you hear about the protest against brutality in the Oscar Grant case and riot in Oakland last night?

Hell Breaks Loose

I've got a link to you in the latter part of the post.

David said...

TERRORISTS IN AMERICA - We have grown accustomed to living in fear. It seems normal to see Thugs dressed in black and faces hidden, carrying machine guns on our street corners - and at our airports they are there again as we march like newbies into a prison; where we are searched and patted down before being caged. The Terror War makes us all enemy combatants on our own streets. Are we a free people when those whom we hire to make us secure; enslave us, brutalize us and murder us? Our Founding Fathers did not envision a Police State which OWNS its populace - they wanted us to be FREE.

sickofopd09 said...

It seems strange to me on 1/31 there were two incidents of police executions of young black men, one in Oakland, CA another in Texas. In both instances, the police have not arrested the officer in question. The Oakland Police Dept is already under investigation by the FBI relative to their wild wild west behavior. Is there some kind of conspiracy in police departments across the country to start executing young black men? What is going on?

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou all for sharing your insights.

@Verite: Thankyou for sharing the link to your post. I posted about the riot shortly ago and included link to you and a few others. One of the links leads to a call for the release of the protesters, which I totally support.

@David: Yes. We have to wake up. This country has been shrouded in fear for sometime but the past 8 years have been unreal. The actions directed towards an obvious goal of creating a police state were evident immediately when the presidential seat was stolen.

@sickofopd09: Yes. It is quite strange that two black men were shot on the same night, with one of them ending up fatally wounded. It is difficult to believe there isn't some kind of secret command to execute black men being issued in these departments, when the authorities go out of their way to avoid arresting their 'renegade' officers.
One way or another the justice system will be made just. The cycle of police harassment, brutality and intimidation will be broken. The people will have that reality.

In solidarity