Thursday, January 8, 2009

Black To Nature Speaks On Independence

In a recent post at Black to nature entitled: 'Cuba got those greens' Brothah C'BS brings up some very important points regarding our collective ability to live as independently as possible, following the wisdoms of our Cuban siblings.

Planting both personal and community gardens frees us in many ways to have affordable organic food at our arms reach, as well as helps us to reconnect with the land in ways that should have never been forgotten (even if you simply invest in an aerogarden it's a start towards relearning the natural process of food procurement).

Take some time to stop by the Green Gangsta's dimension, and enjoy a dose of solid mind expansion from the realms of Meta thought here.


rockingjude said...

Very nicely done...Hope our projects can connect in the future..ProjectWorldAwareness


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Jude ^_^

Thanks for stopping through.
I'd love to talk about uniting forces.
Do you have a weblink to your organization?

Shine on