Thursday, January 8, 2009

We are being lied to about Pirates

As Somalis began to die of radiation sickness after the dumping of nuclear waste on their coasts by Western interests became apparent, and after the issue was coldly ignored by the United Nations despite the issued being raised there, the men of Somalia took up arms and defended their waters. Some remained honorable, others became looters, but attempting to declare war on people who are protecting their land, will have to come to a stop now.

If folks couldn't see what was happening with 911 and the Iraq war, as the roots of such indeed employed the same tactic of creating an enemy for common people to fear as a cover to justify looting, and raping the created enemy's nation (not to mention taking away liberties with the excuse of doing so for safety reasons), a tactic used all along in colonized schemes against Eastern lands, they will see now. As it is Homeland security is likely getting the ax.

It has long been time to wake up, but now when it is especially obvious, and there are so many coming forward explaining the corrupt tactics of Western interests they have been a part of, that have been used against foreign nations, in attempts to usurp power and wealth, there is no excuse.

If you have a moment please take some time to read this article and listen to K'naan speak about piracy in his native Somalia in the video below:

Lies we're being told

Thankyou Concerned African Scholars


Brothah C'BS at BlacktoNature has posted about Somaliam Pirates and the attempts of Western interests to demonize them. Check it:


C'BS ALife Allah said...

See told you about that syncro stuff..just posted something about the Somalian pirates. The west is using their waters as a dumping ground and stealing their fish resources...

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Brothah C'BS

Synchro is in full effect. The positive vibe in all of this is that the truth is coming out and the Somalian people are standing. No matter how Western interests try to paint this one, I don't think many will fall for the usual 'fear the new enemy' reasoning Western interests try to launch to justify their attempts at genocide and usurping.
I truly feel a vibe of awareness in folks right now. After the last 8 years it would be a crying same, if a good portion of folks hadn't woken up.

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