Saturday, January 17, 2009

Got Beats?

Jay Elec recently put out a open-call for beats to be sent to [correction from earlier posted email] thedreamsofbirds at

UU confirmed this, and word from his dimension is that it's cool to spread the word.

note: Include any creativecommons license info, or copyright info that is pertinent with the tracks. You can use a poorman's copyright by mailing yourself a copy of your artistry, and keeping the seal intact. The postmark date on an unopened package acts as proof of ownership.


samax said...

ghettoManga Emcee of the year!
Jay is the Illest (i wish i made beats)

PurpleZoe said...

He's definitely a gift.
S'up brothah Samax?
Where you been?

Shine on

samax said...

me and the wife have a four-month-old, and i have taken on a large comics project freelance. i post on my blogs, and read blogs (like this one) but haven't been commenting much.

PurpleZoe said...

Congrats Samax!!! She's beauuutiful.
Ruthlessly cute.

I can dig it. I haven't done alot of commenting lately. Juggling a story expansion, and organizing the pans in the fire.

Nice to hear about your comic project.
Much success with that.

You are appreciated Brothah Amen.
Thx for stopping through.