Monday, January 26, 2009

Police Shoot and Kill Terrance Kennedy, Eyewitness Accounts Differ

Though media reports are claiming
Terrance Kennedy was reaching for the officer's weapon when he was shot and killed, bystanders extend a very different eyewitness account that details Terrance being pepper-sprayed and then tasered, as well as hit with a police baton.
Cameras on officer uniforms are long overdue, and as civilians the video recording function on our cellphones seems necessary if we're to see justice be served when renegade officers break their oaths and exact unnecessary violence against citizens.

From TaseredWhileBlack:
"The president of the Gaston County NAACP said his office will file a complaint with the Dallas Police Dept. and the NAACP national office after two Dallas police officers shot a man early Saturday morning. "We're not going to make any accusations against the police department," said Clyde Walker. "We're not going to be rioting. We want to do this thing in a civil manner."

Walker said he is talking to neighbors and collecting witness statements after family members of the victim say he was unarmed. He agreed many of the accounts are not consistent.

Dallas police released a statement Saturday saying two of its officers are on administrative leave after the shooting, which occurred while Officer R.R. Flick and Sgt. J.C. Propst were serving a warrant for assault on Terrance Kennedy in the 500 block of East Peachtree Street.

The statement said Kennedy attempted to grab one of the officers' duty weapons before he was shot one time. Kennedy's family members -- and witnesses who said they were outside the home when the shooting happened -- didn't see the scuffle that way."

Multiple people who claimed to witness the shooting, including Kennedy's youngest sister, said Kennedy first tried to run from officers. Some of the bystanders, who were still outside the home Saturday afternoon, said officers first used pepper spray on Kennedy, then deployed a taser.

Some even told NewsChannel 36 they saw an officer hit Kennedy with a police baton, and they heard one officer tell the other, "shoot him," before he was shot. More HERE"

Thankyou TaseredWhileBlack for the intel.

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