Saturday, January 3, 2009

Monthly Mass Meditation

Happy New Year indeed *_^
This year we've installed a new option for use in Mass Meditation.
If you're interested you can perform at least 5-15 minutes of Mass Meditation while watching the video below. Each time you watch it equals 5 minutes of you aligning your intent and meditative focus upon the positive affirmations listed.

Enjoy and thankyou again for contributing your positive energy to an ever-growing enlightened world.

Monthly Affirmation: I find myself in my motivations. I know myself. I am.

Pay attention to what you're attracted to this month. When we find ourselves away from our core, we must remember that the universe is always speaking to us, answering us. See the meaning behind the symbols that call your attention, and the symbols you are most drawn to. Find yourself in your dreams, then manifest self in beingness.

Monthly Totem: Dolphin

Dolphin medicine teaches you to master your breath, play from the dimension of the inner child, and open to the realm of sound. Read More

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