Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fontstruct is dope.

I've been fantasizing about the applications of fontmaking in creative projects for sometime, and late one recent aimless night, decided to give Google a whirl and see if there were any fontmaking gems available, according to the lauded internet eye.
The lack of disappointment I found on the first results page both puzzled and tickled me, daring me to be bolder in my search. I tried a more detailed configuration of search terms next. Continued lack of disappointment greeted me in all its splendor. Yes, there were several desirable programs, but one in particular exceeds the needs of the average aspiring fontmaker and dares to be a ridiculously convenient online app as well.

I heart myself some online apps. for example, is an online app I smile just thinking about, and to now know I can make fonts through my Firefox browser as well, brings to the heart a sense of free elation and a hope that one day, there will be an online music and animation studio app too.

Is it not the nature of the dreamer to dream?

Visit Fontstruct through the link below
if you found it difficult to contain
your audible swooning during this
reading of my account:


plantfolk said...

peace sis

hmmmm...i've been looking for some new fonts to play with. thanks for the share...


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Sistar *_^

I'm hyped.
You can peep for dope complimentary fonts also. If you're interested in making your own though Fontstruct is the move.

Love&Light Queen