Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Call For Severe Punishment For Police Brutality and Blatant Murder


Regulations that create severe penalties for police brutality must be called for if this is to ever stop. We have the power to break this cycle. It simply can't continue. Eventually there will be an uprising, if legislation that insures the protection of innocent citizens, isn't put into place.

One Afrospear blogger once suggested officers be made to wear cameras on their uniforms. I say its a start. There also need to be life sentences for dishonoring ones duty with brutality, cruelty, and murder against citizens. Maybe then we'll see less renegade behavior, with so much on the line when they are caught.

Obama needs to get on this one. No excuses.

Please raise your voices until they are the only voices that can be heard.

Here is an organization fighting police brutality by raising awareness:

Thankyou Saudade for the intel


Vérité Parlant said...

I blogged that maybe yesterday, I think, and also a case we have in New Orleans, young man shot 14 times by undercover cops.


I think the pressure needs to go where it belongs, the mayors of the cities, the city councils, and the police chiefs. It's a national problem, but must be solved at the local level via pressure from its citizens. If they don't address it, then the FBI investigates because the laws to address such crimes are already on the books. They need to be enforced.

There's no excuse for the BART murder. Why was the officer's weapon drawn at all? It looks like he drew it after the Grant had been subdued. Don't let me start ... I'm supposed to chill tonight.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Queen

I just found out about a case in Texas at Liberator: http://tinyurl.com/75hh7r

The young man survived but he was shot for no reason. These cases will make it possible to put a stop to police brutality, with enough voices expressing outrage.
Something has to give.

You're right about placing pressure on local government. I think there needs to be a larger movement leading it though. Something to refer back to, and connect with in a national and even global sense to provide the strength in numbers that will really cause politicians to pause and place the right amount of pressures where they are needed.

Thanks for stopping through. You are appreciated.
I posted a link of your article at Twitter.