Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Man On a Walk Finds Lexie Glover

It brings tears to my eyes to hear that a 13 year old disabled young sister has been found dead 48 hours after she was reported missing from a library parking lot on Wednesday. Despite dogs, helicopters and volunteers set out in search for her, she was discovered by a man on a walk who found her in a creek 8 miles from the library. Her death is being treated as a homicide but details haven't been released.

Alexis was part of Chesapeake-based Project Lifesaver, and wore a wristband that could track her if she went missing. This was considered necessary because Alexis would have a tendency to wander off as a result of post traumatic stress and developmental delays.
The wristband she wore was discovered within 20 minutes of her disappearance, as the wristband sent a transmission to authorities when she went missing, but it was no longer worn by Alexis by the time it was located.

May her spirit rest in peace and may the rescue of missing children become refined enough to prevent abduction related injury and death.

Thankyou AAPP

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