Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BlackBean Steaks


Ingredients are bolded, the rest are directions for extremely sexy Blackbean
steaks or burger patties modified by yours truly. Enjoy *_^ More sexy vegan grub to come.

BlackbeanSteaks/ Patties

Use approx. lb/13 oz. of blackbeans (soaked 12 hours- then boiled for 1 hour or so) or you can use canned black beans straight out of the can.
Mix, mash or blend the black beans with 2 packets of sazon (or for non-msg sazon mix a bit of salt&pepper with 4 tbs of garlic, onion, and cumin powders to taste for homemade seasoning) with 2 cups of flour, and desired amount of water for intended consistency (usually 1 cup is good), optional carmelized onion and sauteed mushrooms can be mixed in or set aside as a blackbean steak topping.

Use mixture as you would pancake batter, and pour a bit or spoon a bit into a well-oiled pan (Earthbalance also works) to create the desired size of your blackbean steak or burger patty. Let fry on medium-high heat until the edges are visibly cooked, and flip with a spatula. Cook on each side approx 3-5 minutes, or longer for a more well-done effect, then remove from fire and place on a plate to sit. Garnish as desired. They're wickedly delicious and pretty filling, while lending you a nice amount of protein ^_^. Makes 4-5 large blackbean steaks or 6-8 medium sized patties for Blackbean burgers.

If you're baking, add more flour to desired consistency, bake for at least 20-30 minutes on 350 or longer for a well-done dish, then broil the steaks/patties in the bottom of the stove (or on broiler setting for stoves equipped that way) for at least 5 minutes to make the baked steaks/patties more crisp.

These can also be dehydrated for raw eaters. Gluten-free eaters can sub regular flour for rice flour or bean flour.

Vegan food prn via twitpic.

Thankyou Alice-Wonder,
and Inspired Sis for the encouragement.


alice wonder. said...

yay! i'm so glad you started posting these :D i'm all over that recipe lol

plantfolk said...

i made this and subbed with rice flour. thanks for sharing the recipe. oh, and i sent you a pic of it via twitter (as promised) ^_^

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Sistars ^_^

@ Alice.Wonder
*_^ Send pics if inclined. Food prn is always welcome.

Num. I saw them. Thankyou for sending the food prn :D How did the rice flour work out. Was it a good binder?

plantfolk said...


yep, the rice flour worked well. i may have added too much because it was a bit dense but that didn't stop me from eating it...

PurpleZoe said...

Nice. Dense can be good where patties are concerned. I haven't worked with riceflour alot but I want to change that.
I'll have to pick some up sooner than later.

Shine on