Friday, January 16, 2009

Heavy D's 'Vibes'

In case you weren't aware, Heavy D released an album at the tailend of '08.

Amazing how little this album has received in the way of publicity thus far. UU would like to flex some indie muscle and push the word in the consciousvine that another oldschool legend has emerged to 'save the state of the arts'.

'Vibes' returns to Heavy's roots in homeland Jamaica with a distinct reggae sound, rather than returning to the smoothed out hiphop sound that made him prominent in Golden-era HipHop, though the slick flow we've come to love Heavy for is still present.

''You can't fake this stuff,'' says Hev. ''I learned a long time ago you go with the music that's in your heart or you don't go at all.''

Wise words that MANY a mainstream artist would benefit from if only they could be made to listen.

To be transported to a merchant that sells Heavy's sonic wares, click the album image.

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