Monday, January 12, 2009

His destiny is greater than we perceive

Update: Oscar's killer has been arrested:
"The former police officer accused of shooting an unarmed man at a northern California commuter train station was arrested Tuesday in Nevada, authorities said Former Bay Area Rapid Transit officer Johannes Mehserle was arrested on a fugitive warrant charging homicide.'
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An incredible article has been written that illuminates the significance of Oscar Grant's death by murder. Please take the time to read this and comment either here or at the author's blog: Roots of a Fallen Tree

His destiny is greater than we perceive
lit: Saudade

Imagine if this tell is true.
Before we come to this planet through our mothers we chose our family, friends and associates thereupon, agreeing to our destiny.

Now, lets' look at Oscar Grant. One could say that Oscar Grant chose his destiny. A destiny that may seem to some as "snuffed out" and destroyed. Yet, on the other hand, one could sense his life to be that, of a martyr or sacrificial lamb. The sacrificial lamb that takes away our sin or cleanses our consciousness. Sin is ignorance. Therefore, the execution of his life has brought about a cleansing that, acts and rushes us toward change and right doing within all who are connected/ conscious. This cleansing within the soul is not restricted to race,creed, or color. In essence, it is his life in death that becomes, the bell ringing, a vibratory harmonic song of resurrection within the soul of every living organism on this planet.
Incidentally, we are inundated with the misunderstandings of his destiny. His destiny is greater than the loss of his physical life and our righteous indignation. We must note our error as we proclaim justice for an individual because, the harmonic resurrection concerns a people. The people collectively hold the power. The power is generated through collective consciousness. Meaning the spirit within us prevails through wisdom and asscertion by allowing ourselves to be within the confines of this "legal" system(which will promote peace) while, addressing and exposing the reality of a system that denies its' service to all equally.
We must learn and connect the truth taught by our ancestors during the Civil Rights Movement. We must understand the Spirit that moved within and through it's leaders that, awakened the community on an individual level and connected them with all peoples worldwide. The structure of the movement was one that knew if, 'injustice has taken place anywhere all are threatened by the same injustice'. Therefore the community understood the need to act as one body, one force, and one mind.
The search for truth was bound in doctrines of Christ, of Buddha and Muhammad but, it was Divine Love and Understanding of many doctrines which, rendered Wisdom. Wisdom is most important because, wisdom never forgets it's lessons and waits calmly for the appropriate time to strike.

Who does Justice answer to in this country? What makes Justice crawl and begin to consider your plea?

The answer is money. The understanding of this truth began on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery Alabama. It was the first day of the Bus Boycotts.

Do not ride the train or a bus that, is affiliated with the Bay Area Rapid Transit System until justice is served.

Now, this could be the beginning of a collective move of spirit. It will allow the "disagreeables to divine order" to rear their heads and consider our plea. It could begin in Oakland and cross this entire nation in relentless, untiring devotion toward justice, freedom and equality for every man, woman and child. Imagine the impact in a falling economy of greed and power. We could then demand and see the chains removed from Mumia and those who are unjustly serving in the United States prison systems.
More over, we must realize that to bring about the desired result will take more energy in which you have now given.(the "disagreeables to divine order" know how to exhaust your will and they will wait) This is why the connection of consciousness is so important. The connection opens the door to community which, lends energy so that, one does not bear it all alone.

We can no longer riot or burn down our buildings or loot our own stores. It only proves that our hurt is blocking our understanding of Oscar Grants destiny and the teaching of our ancestors. We must move collectively and strategically in a spirit of love that, will shatter the forces that, intend the deliberate continuation of impeding our growth. Oscar Grants destiny is greater than what we perceive. His destiny is emblematic. In this time, his destiny is seemingly, greater than all of our greatest martyrs and sacrificial lambs that span the globe leading us toward enlightenment (for our resurrection as a people must be attained). This event is a steeping stone to immerse ourselves into a stream of consciousness that will provide strength,clarity with efficacious results. We must remember the keys of success that are ever present though obscured and at times deliberately hidden. We must become interconnected nationally and globally. Always, remembering his/our destiny is greater than what we perceive.

Thankyou Saudade


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i hope they are right with all my heart...

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