Friday, January 30, 2009

Continuing to leave Facebook alone

I never really got into Facebook, after Myspace (on which I enjoyed a brief run), I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm for it, and was definitely leary of the 'all-seeing eye' amounts of compiled information on its users and who they're connected to.
Stopping by Liberator magazine as I do from time to time, to enjoy the community blogging content that comes from its multiple bloggers, I found myself unsurprised to hear of a power-user's Facebook being dismantled, with no reason given.

According to a repost at Liberator, Adage blogger Craig Daitch, took the time to bring much of his network onto Facebook, and as he notes could have recieved a check for the work he'd done to bring life and attention to Facebook and its applications, but instead recieved the clear message that Facebook doesn't care enough to at least site a reason for the shutdown or suspension of one's account.

If we can't trust that our accounts won't be randomly, incorrectly, or arbitrarily shut down, why bother with the network? I'm thankful I place no stock in my page, which hardly ever sees activity on my end, and reading of this account I doubt my page ever will see a real burst of interest from my Ip.

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