Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Greenwood Riot

On June 1, 1921 the "deadliest mass shooting rampage" in American history took place in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Greenwood neighborhood. The Tulsa Race Riot, Greenwood Riot or 1921 Race Riot ran its course for 16 hours, left an estimated 10,000 people homeless, destroyed 35 city blocks with fire (1,256 residences), caused 1.8 million in property damage, and took what experts agree to be 300 lives, though the "official" count was only 39. Over 800 people were admitted to the hospital for injuries. Black Wall Street was destroyed.

Read more about this and share the knowledge with your children.
A great book is available on through this link.

I agree with Electronic Village. We must rise in solidarity to share our history, to keep the truth from continuing to be rewritten or incorrectly reported. Villager says this in his post earlier today:

"We ask you not allow the Tulsa Race War murders to be swept under the rug of distorted, revised, and repressed history. We must never forget, and we must not allow others to forget either."

Thankyou Villager for the Intel


Villager said...

What is the point of people of African descent having our own media outlets (blogs) if we don't use them to educate ourselves and our blog readers about OURstory! I'm grateful to you for sharing this overlooked part of our nation's history with your readers...

peace, Villager

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Villager ^_^

I'm grateful to you for leading by example. You're an inspiration in many ways.

Shine on