Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Reason To Stop Eating Meat

Eight ‘clone farm’ cows have been born in the UK, the Daily Mail can reveal.
Their mother is a clone – created in a U.S. laboratory with cells taken from the ear of a prize-winning animal.

Meat or milk from the calves, flown into Britain as frozen embryos and implanted into a surrogate, could be on sale here within months. Though food from clones is barred from the food chain, there are no legal safeguards over their offspring.

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PZ says:
It's bad enough that animals (who have expressed maternal attachment to their offspring no less), have been enslaved and tortured so consumers can have steak for dinner.
Now nature is being assaulted with cloning, because certain merchants want to get around laws. When more people stop investing in this kind of madness, it will stop.
I recommend: Soulvegfolk
for information on how to switch lifestyles for reasons of being cruelty-free (how can we complain about what is done to humans but don't blink knowing what's done to animals for human society's conditioned pleasures?) and for your health.

Thankyou Street Knowledge

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