Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Was Serious When I Said No More Plastic

It's in our hands. If we all stop using it, they'll stop making it.
I have to commend my local grocer (Stop&Shop) for providing a .99 cent non-plastic option, and all grocers who are taking at least some action to encourage actions that will heal the planet rather than endanger it further (now if we can only have more Fair Trade and Vegan options we'll be good to go).

Visit the old post links below on plastic for some interesting info and a video that will likely change your mind forever about using plastic, if you're still on the fence.
We can always use paper bags for taking the garbage to the bin, and maybe Zelfo will come up with necessities (toothbrushes, dishes, a zelfoware replacement for tupperware, and etc) we have come to use regularly, so we can support their growth by putting our dollars in their pockets.

Thanks to Q. for striking a pose.

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(Thanks 'StuckInMyHead')


Danielle said...

My goodness, Q IS an old soul. I just put two and two together and have to find and read his wisdom. I can be slow with the uptake;}

You are an inspiration!

Happy Birthday Starchild


Stuck in my head said...

Another plastic alternative for people unwilling to reuse items/addicted to disposable things is the new Verterra dinner ware. I wrote about it on my blog a bit ago:

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle *_^

lol. He's something else I tell you.
He's posted some beatboxing vids here but there should be more of his artistic offerings in coming times.

Much Love Sisterstar

PurpleZoe said...

Peace StuckinMyHead *_^

Word. Verterra dinnerware is slick. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to post the link to your post, and look into purchasing some for the house.

Shine on