Thursday, July 3, 2008

Join The Monthly Mass Meditation Today

Join me and other monthly (weekly and even daily) meditators today (my born day *_^) for Mass Meditation. We need the stillness now more than ever.

Beam love at the planet while imagining peaceful consciousness and resources overflowing for everyone. Your contribution to the cycle of life is appreciated. Let's all take a moment to visualize or imagine the perfect green, compassionate society for at least 15 minutes. Let's be there and impress the vibes of a humane, consious world onto the ethers so it can manifest in this world which has been led into a dark, tense, and savage state that is far from its original form and intended purpose.

If you're new to the Mass Meditation, click here for previous posts. Mass Consciousness is responsible for the state of the world. 15 minutes or more of your time on the 3rd day (and weekly ~if you're inclined~ for every day that adds up to a 3- ie.12, 21, 30) of every month can change the world.

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