Friday, July 18, 2008

Cherokees Pressured To Recognize Black Freedmen Descendants

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — The Cherokee Nation is rolling out a public relations campaign in response to federal lawmakers who say the tribe should be denied benefits unless it recognizes descendants of its former black slaves.

The campaign includes two Web sites discussing a 2007 referendum in which Cherokees decided to remove about 2,800 freedmen descendants and other non-Indians from tribal rolls, said Mike Miller, spokesman for the nation.

The sites also address what’s at stake if the congressional lawmakers have their way: denial of $300 million in federal money to the country’s second-largest American Indian tribe. The money pays for health clinics, Head Start programs, elderly care and housing assistance.

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THE SHADOW said...


Damn, yet another EXCELLENT entry. I definitely won't get to raise any hell on the Internet tonight. This is the THIRD time is ABSOLUTELY had to post a comment on a Blog, even though I enjoy what I read a Black Blog Watch in the privacy of my mind ALL OF THE TIME.

This issue touches me personally. My Paternal Grandmother was half Cherokee, and half Black. Since I was about 20-years old, I became aware of "Cherokees with white blood" were causing some of the problems mentioned above. The Cherokee members of my family are EXTREMELY bitter that they all run the risk of being viewed as being insensitive to their roots.

Anyway, thanks for your article.


PurpleZoe said...

Peace Shadow *_^

Gracious thanks! Thanks for stopping through and sharing your voice.
This is an incredibly important issue that deserves more coverage. I can imagine this isn't an easy issue to contend with for your family. Hopefully this issue will be cleared up properly with the right perspective focused towards the facts of who the actual slave-owners were.

Shawn Williams of Dallas South blog has put together a series that touches on this issue also here.

He's supposed to have more installments coming soon.

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