Monday, July 28, 2008

Scheme Mag Covers Invincible


"Very few Metro Detroit Hip-Hop artists have achieved commercial success and many purists would agree that in Hip-Hop’s current state, that’s a good thing. Eminem may have made the professional development from rocking underground stages in “The Dirty D” to topping charts and filming his memoir 8 Mile for the big screen, but artists like Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, Athletic Mic League and Quest M.C.O.D.Y aren’t names popularly recognized in the rap game beyond Detroit’s ‘burbs, unless you naturally crave a brand of Hip-Hop that isn’t specifically crafted to cater to the likes of MTV mimics and the uninspiring soundtrack of BET. Of course, there was that Chevrolet commercial featuring Slum Village, which played out like a clichéd music video. However, if that’s the ingredient for super success, Invincible is steady cooking up a healthy alternative through activism, community service and a hefty message in her rhymes.

She’s “Striving to be one of the best, period. Not just one of the best with breasts and a period,” as Invincible proclaims on the appropriately titled “Longawaited,” which is the second track on her debut solo album Shapeshifters, the album that her supporters have been eagerly been in anticipation of since her introduction in 1998. "

-Scheme Mag

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