Thursday, July 17, 2008

Have A Myth Conjured In Your Honor

In celebration of the coming Hardcover edition of The Books of Zambarau- Maji Volume 3, a contest has been launched that will collect 'TBOZMO' Fan art, and determine a winner to be rewarded with a Myth created in the mindgarden of Dazjae Zoem in their honor.

The rules are simple:

Create Fan Art of any kind (no more intense than pg-13 rated please *_^)
Submit it to
Check back for the Announcement of the winner on the extended announcement date of October 24th (originally August 27th).

The winner will receive a myth written in their honor
compiled and delivered to them by Dazjae Zoem herself
(to appear in Issue #6 of Purple Magazine- releasing 10/24)

If you have not obtained a copy of ''The Books of Zambarau-Maji' Omnibus you can request a download link through the email address above for temporary
contest e-copy, to become acquainted with the symbols of your liking
that you would want to base Fan Art upon. You will retain your copyright
but by submitting Fan Art, you agree that Dazjae Zoem will be able to use
the Fan Art in promotions. Dazjae Zoem will retain copyright of the myth
spun in your honor but you will be able to enjoy a creative commons copyright
license to print the work as you desire.


Shine on.


Femigog said...

this makes me wish that I had any artistic talent besides writing! I would love a myth created in my honor! sounds like a great contest!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Chica!

How've you been?
It's been a minute.

Your masterful wordsmithing definitely qualifies as art, and the contest is open to all mediums.

I can send you the most recent edition.
There's a new short-short added to it.
Let a sistah know.

You are fabulous and definitely loved.
Thanks for stopping through.
Missed you Femi.

Shine on Sisterstar