Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black Communities Forming Anti-Crime Street Teams

via AP

Teams of men will be assigned a neighborhood to visit regularly to talk with youth about teen pregnancy, drugs and gang violence. The teams, including former gang members, will also encourage residents to report crimes to police.

Plans also call for partnering with other groups to mentor young people, and regular neighborhood summits.

The Rev. F. James Clark, who heads the “Oneness” campaign, says the march showed that the black community isn’t complacent about its problems. He says it’s time to inspire and recruit people to get involved.

Thankyou Street Knowledge for the intel


Danielle said...

This is what we need! Those men combined with our older generation keeping and eye out and people noticing and correcting the behavior of the children of the community, our collective future.

Things are transforming, we have gone far beyond change, haven't we.

July has been so busy, I've missed you but now you are with me as you should me.

In light and love

Modern Musings

PurpleZoe said...

Peace D *_^

This is definitely what's needed. I was hyped when I came across this. Things are transforming at a breakneck pace for real.

July was insanely busy over here as well. I think things are slowing down to a more manageable pace.
Thank God for Blogger pre-scheduled posts *_^

I saw your review for Maji.
Thankyou tremendously for that.

Continue to shine