Monday, July 28, 2008

Indiefied- The Hectors

The Hectors are a calm cool and collected band of sly rockers, who insert humour into a pool of melodic forces swirling with just a hint of anger and misunderstood passion brewing beautifully beneath the surface.

They are a smooth, dazzling blend of indie elements.

Songs like 'Cold Star' from the 'Sometimes They Collide EP' incorporate a vintage feel of textural guitar, mellowed teen angst, and Corinne Dinner's candy coated vocals, while 'Darren' from the self titled 'The Hectors EP' offers a more grungetastic alternative fusion of their mellow intensity, soft husky vocals and a melody made for road trips and soundtracks for movies about the romantically confused and tragically beautiful, played by the Shannyn Sossamyn and Josh Hartnett prototypes of the world.
Of all the songs I have sampled however, 'Carol and Sanford' has won my heart with its outstanding passion, viscerally inspiring sonic interpretation of ecstasy, beauty, and the celebration of sublime connection. It is a song that will make a fan of you, for life.

They are sunshiney, brooding, and delightfully spaced-out in that mellow way we can all appreciate.

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