Monday, July 14, 2008

The Grassroute- Grassroots Are The Foundation


For any who doubt Darfur is genocide consider that the Khartoum recently removed 200 people forcibly from their homes in Khartoum and detained them, because they shared the same ethnicity as the rebel group 'The Justice and Equality Movement'. Sounds like genocide to me.

You can take action and do something about this:

1.You can write to the Editors of your local paper
about the Khartoum government
and find tips from STAND here.

Write to congress. Find your your local official's contact information here.
Be sure to include the following in your letter:

Your name and address
Your view on the Khartoum government's ethnic-based policies of repression
and failure to uphold the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Ask the important question offered to us by STAND:
Why isn’t the United States requesting access to the trials in Khartoum?

Ensuring that both Congress and the State Department become involved in that discussion is a crucial.

Include also a copy of The Human Rights Watch Report on the trouble with Khartoum as well as your letter to the Editor.

Thankyou Cooper for the intel

Mckinney Names Rosa Clemente For VP Choice

I love this woman. She stands for the very real concerns most of us want addressed and she's so powerful and truly 'about the business' that the Democratic party (which has been a persistent disappointment of late... eg. Selling out our Privacy... the list goes on) conspired to 'get her out of there'.
Guess she wasn't enough of a Republican in Democrat's clothing as say... Leiberman and 'representatives' like him.

It is beautiful to see Cynthia consider Rosa Clemente as her VP choice.

Grazi Achali

Holding Up A Mcain=Bush Sign Is Not Grounds For Arrest

McCain = Bush Fitted T-Shirt
So why was a 61 year old librarian threatened with arrest for peacefully protesting and holding up a sign that read: "Mccain=Bush".
It's the truth afterall. Are Far Right Republicans feeling so much embarassment for supporting Bush they're going to try to bully people who remind them they voted for him?

Thankyou Culture Kitchen

The New Yorker Fails To Elude The Propaganda Virus

Not amusing. Be ashamed of yourselves, New Yorker, and reprimand the person who ok'ed this.

Thanks Villager, for the intel

Indymac Bank Collapse sited as Second Largest Bank Failure In History

Thanks Achali

2 comments: said...

Hi there!

Thanks for blowing the trumpet about this!

I have been seeing this image all over the blogosphere very recently and it is OUTRAGEOUSLY racist and offensive...

For those who think this image is NO big deal...let me ask you a question... if this publication wants to do a feature on's okay to show Michelle Obama squatting on all fours with a dog chain around her neck?

What more does it take before we start FLOODING these publications with complaints?

Phone number:

(This is the number for the Subscriptions Department but people can ask to be connected to David Miller.)

Send a letter! Then, fax it!

David Miller
Associate Publisher
The New Yorker
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

And send a note!

Shouts & Murmurs:

Fax: 212-286-5024

Black people have learned a lesson by now...DOING NOTHING changes nothing.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Lisa ^_^

Thankyou for stopping through and sharing this information.

In solidarity