Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nas 'Sly Fox'

It's been time to boycott Fox permanently.
Keep in mind... They own Myspace too.

We're starting plenty of our own networks on
And it has surely been time for us to build non sell-out (eg. non-BET like) networks.
Start thinking of a masterplan and get into the mentality of working together with other awakened minds. Without Unity there is nothing for us in this society. Nothing but the potential for self hate sold to us in commercialized stereotypes ready for purchase in films, on tv, on radio and even in the products our children are subjected to (you can even find the mental poisons and white supremacy in schools...). If it has ever been a time to wake up. It is now.

Your mind is powerful despite what the current MSM would have you believe.

Related Intel

Nas has canceled his 'Mr&Mrs.Jones' reality show with wife Kelis, believing it not to be the time for it with the controversy surrounding his album and the couple's private, guarded natures.
Here's a clip of the show, which only filmed two episodes.

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