Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Of Blogging Opposing Pre-Trial Electrocution a.k.a Tasering

Stories have been appearing regularly that highlight police corruption in the form of unwarranted brutality. From the travesty of justice in Sean Bell's Murder, to the recent murder of Mychal Bell's Cousin Barron Scooter Collins who was tased 9 times in police custody, where he surely posed no threat that required such a use of force, we have seen a disturbing trend with tasers in the black community that elders, and the blind have not even been safe from.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
This is why as a people we must be sure someone is doing a proper job policing the police. To me this means, it is time for legislation that punishes renegade officers severely as part of a measure to discourage police brutality, but there is surely much more that must be written into law sooner than later.

The police are supposed to serve and protect.
The people should not fear police unless they've broken a law, and even then they should feel secure that their rights won't be infringed upon during or after arrest. Electrocuting a person simply because the power is available, can become tempting to unscrupulous officers, when they know they will have a menial price to pay if there is one to pay at all. When being suspended for a week for murder by taser, is considered an acceptable punishment for an officer, we as a people must see that it is clearly time for us to brainstorm on better legislation, and movements to ensure order from local levels onto federal levels.

Even Canadians are saying no to Tasers after teens have been killed and injured even in holding cells, with the weapons.

Please include the widget you see in the sidebar in your blog's sidebar, and share any police brutality stories you may have with Immortal Technique who is collecting them to present to congress.

Keep your eyes open for more from the Afrosphere Action Coalition concerning measures to implement appropriate controls over police brutality.

Below there are more links for your research needs as collected and originally provided by African American Political Pundit:

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News Media Whiteout machines, and Law Enforcement reports are all similar.

Tasered While Black and Sleeping

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