Friday, July 18, 2008

Indiefied- A Peek At The Current Indiestream

Alicia Keys- Superwoman

Talk about your feel good videos. This drew a tear for real. Alicia dug within and found 'it' for Superwoman. It's a hell of a track, and truthfully I don't think I've heard her sing more soulfully or beautifully.

Erykah Covers Vegnews.

The breathtaking Erykah is gracing the cover of the August
issue of Vegnews.

Bruce George Launches HipHop Grows Up
Visit the initiative to build a healthy community
for the youth here

Fader Speaks with Master Saadiq

Scheme Mag Covers Shawn Jackson


"Shawn Jackson has his roots in Englewood, CA, and spent the formative years of 13- 20’s in Providence, Rhode Island. These roots helped young Shawn develop “two different perspectives on the game..."
-Scheme Mag.


Eric said...

thanks for the Alicia and Badu news, PZ.

fyi: Erykah's doing a free show in Brooklyn on August 4. (Jill Scott's at the same venue the following week). check the full info here:


PurpleZoe said...

Peace E *_^

Thanks for the intel.
I'll check that link for future concerts.
Not sure if I can make it out August 4th, though I'd love to see Erykah perform.

Please share pics if you shoot the event.

Continue to shine