Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poems 'Love'

Our lady of sublime melodies, Jasmine 'Melodious Fly' Mitchell makes an appearance in this recent video.

The SpaceFlora That Hails From Planet Melodion Had This To Say Recently:

So I've been recording, and I'm very excitrd about the project and how its sounding! The title of the album is Alligator Water. It is what it is. We coming down the home stretch so yall look out for my music page.

Also, The Rebirth will be recording our second album, entitled Beam Through The Eyes of A Child. Look for that at the end of this year. For those of you that have not had the time to make a show and hear the new music..... sorry for ya!

Keep your eyes and ears open for a dope collaboration LP I got brewing.....
OOOO but you wont know till it hits ya!!

Shine. Shine Shine
The melodiousone

Thanks for the heads up Space Flower

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