Monday, March 10, 2008

Indiefied- Kara Walker

If you haven't caught her exhibit. We offer this reminder. Catch it (see exhibit info through the link below).
Made up of the stuff of legends, her work has a timelessness that is both disturbing, liberating and unequivocally required. In the world according to PurpleZoe, the best art is the work that pulls you into an embrace and takes you somewhere, whether it be a place of pain or pleasure, then leaves you with the awe of creation flickering in your eyes as you try to grasp the secret of the miracle before the afterglow fades.

Kara Walker exceeds this requirement.

There are also books for purchase that feature her genius if you cannot make an exhibit.

For exhibitions that are still featuring Kara Walker's work click here.

Thanks Cocoa Lounge

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