Thursday, March 6, 2008

Q signs on as Youth Contributor

Peace I'm Q.
I'm a teenage youth contributor who likes arts of kinds. I draw in the style of anime/manga with focus on afrocentric stylized drawing. I'm a graphic designer in training who also enjoys athletics. I'm a herbivore who loves the animal kingdom, hopes for a cruelty free world, and am a Reiki healer (My Mom is my sensei- lol). I plan to bring all kinds of art finds (maybe some of my own art included) to UltravioletUnderground from time to time, and am Currently saving to travel to the Ecbacc Black Comic Convention in May where I'll bring in-depth coverage of the Black Comic Circuit to you, if all goes well. More on this later. Stay Tuned.

For my first offering: A little comedy for your Thursday.

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