Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It Was Time To Wake Up Awhile Ago... Catch Up.

I strive to avoid criticizing, and usually focus on the positive and obscure realities that offer what most of us complain isn't available in the mainstream. I really do make efforts to support what actually possesses lifeforce.
I don't have cable. I purchase conscious-type or at least artful hip-hop or none at all, invest in ALOT of Indie music and goods in general (especially those who take the customer service aspect of Indie business seriously---more on that later---...), and make efforts to spread the word about art/media with substance. I am all about empowering culture, and I feel its time for a Mainstream rebirth. Period.

Why do the 'Entertainment elite' seem like a bunch of drugged-out fashionistas who barely care about putting together a quality show, the content of their music, or loyalty to their supporters? Who would actually care about trying to be in that circuit right now? What's the deal with riding the wave of extremely corny gimmicks that are artless to the extent of being detrimental to the minds of the youth. There's nothing that's coming through the mainstream right now that is getting decent exposure which inspires and gives off a light... Aren't stars supposed to give off a light?

We HAVE to invest in the artists that are actually artists.

I realize it's easy to download and not pay, but really... If you're feeling an artist and you want to support their career, support them.
I'm amazed at how oblivious so many folks seem to be when it comes to 'Operation Dumb-Down the public'. We're a more intelligent species than this, but many have been tricked out of their will, and so they follow whatever trend is placed on their plate and through repetition ( literally a tactic of hypnotism, mind you) because they want to be 'good and approvable'.

Take your minds back. Seriously.

This sh-- is getting scary.

I won't name names and focus on the worst examples, but can you name anyone in the limelight who has it together right now?
I can't.

Grown a-- celebrities have shocked the hell out of me in recent years...

I'd really like something that's not watered down to the point of having NO flavor, thankyou.
I mean wake the f-- up. A dollar is a symbol that empowers the concept of need. The more you chase it, the more you admit to need. That's a dangerous place to be mentally... It may be the current system of exchange but it's certainly not worthy of worship. Quite to the contrary.

It's time for the Indie circuit that still has the ability to inspire to receive amazing mass support, and in turn the Indie circuit needs to be sure they are respectful to the consumers of their art (ie. get their products to them on time, have a customer service policy, work professionally within your band and management teams considering everyone's time as valuable and communicating as you work together, avoiding flakery...Stand up and do better than the Mainstream...Nowadays all the tools are at our disposal...You can even have places like CDbaby/Itunes do it for you.)

Regina Specktor, The White Stripes and others have gone from indie status to Mainstream glory.
It can be done.

Be empowering.
Speak your heart.
Seek heart in your art.

I rest my pen.

(The synchronicity of the universe is amazing... Not even a 1/2 hour after I posted this entry, I ran into this...)

Here's a fitting message from Lupe Fiasco's awakened brain:


aulelia said...

you said "A dollar is a symbol that empowers the concept of need" -- so damn true!!!

Invisible Woman said...

Well said, PZ...you broke out of your rose-colored shell, haha...I love Lupe, btw

PurpleZoe said...

Thanks for visiting Aulelia.
Synchronicity is no joke because I was seriously headed over to Charcoal Ink to comment on your feminism post ^_^

As for the inflated power of the dollar bill and others symbols...
It's all a mind game, but the intensity has been increased in the recent years and we really have to be vigilant.

It really seems like it's getting worse at an accelerated rate.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Black Cinema Guru

Thanks for the kudos ^_^
It had to be said today, but while I'm focused on positive black and 'multi-cultural' archetypes (to find/provide as much alternative to the mindlessness as possible...), I don't know about having been in a rose colored shell? I've been seeing the writing on the wall since childhood (fortunately at least one of my parents encouraged me to embrace my perceptions).
In this day and age I'm amazed that there are people who don't but I shouldn't be, all conditioning considered...

Nonetheless we gotta keep hope alive, because this world wasn't put here for a bunch of fools to run. At some point the balance will return. What goes up must come down (especially when it climbs the stairway of deceit).

As far as Lupe goes, he's doing his thing. That Superstar track took the words right out of my mouth and then some...

The entertainment industry is a joke at this point.