Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Curious Bazaar- Love, Mama

Former Flygirls of the week at Fly, Erin and Tiffany have created a lovely haven for multicultural dolls Love, Mama.

Love, Mama came about in 2001 because of the pair's love for dolls, art, color, soul and fun to name a few things. Raised with cloth dolls in their home because of dolls their conscious mother collected for them (dolls in major chains didn't represent her children). She attended doll shows and found her answer. Their grandmother then began a line called Mama Love Dolls to fulfill their goal of having positive images in the home. Erin and Tiffany intend to continue that legacy, with stylish, wellmade unique creations. Experienced doll artists Adrienne Mcdonald was there to lend guidance, and the rest can be found at their etsy shop.

When asked why she was Fly by Andrea Pippins, Tiffany gave an inspiring answer, "I'm fly because I acknowledge the FLY in everyone. I'm open-minded, supportive, caring, funny, happy, stylish and focus! And because my sister and I are the youngest black doll artists I KNOW! Doll making in our community was once essential because dolls of color weren't produced. Doll making is a dying art form now."

That's one to grow on. Anyone who can acknowledge the flyness in anyone else is sincerely Fly.

Visit their dimension

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