Friday, August 8, 2008

8/8/08 Take Part In The Dalai Llama's Global Handshake

UPDATE below:

Extending your virtual hand is very easy and extremely meaningful to the world community. Please join this action before the commencement of the Olympic games. We can overcome the division of China and other countries who would ignore the need for real talk about global issues, with this symbolic act of unity.

Today also raises a very important question.
Where do we go from here?
There has been much uproar focusing on the host of this year's Olympic games, China. has worked hard to raise awareness and action for Darfur. Save has continued to strive for justice. Olympic sponsors have been boycotted (I still don't eat Mcdonald's or drink Coke right now... and will probably continue to boycott them).

But what next? The ICC has called for Bashir's arrest.
But there are still not enough peacekeeping troops deployed as promised.

Your ideas, and sentiments regarding where we go from here as a global village to take action even in the smallest of ways to cause magnificent ripples for our human siblings everywhere from Darfur to Tibet, to Haiti, to Burma to Uganda, To The Congo and so forth.

Email and include a link to your 'Where Do We Go From Here' post before the 23rd of the month and we may print it in the next Roots of Humanity Ebook.

Shine on Freedom Fighters.

Watch Dream For Darfur's Opening Ceremony:
Alternative Opening Ceremony

Sign up For The Darfur Olympics

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