Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did We Tell You We Heart Solange?

Solange is real in a way that could elude mainstream fixated types, but will overtime prevail over any that wish to question her shine as an individual. The few performance clips I've seen of her show a high-energy, fluid and intelligent soul flow that is uniquely her own. I won't insult her with comparisons, even though they would be in her favor. Let's just applaud the chic for being bold enough to be herself in an industry with so many who want to be anything but themselves, and stack paper in the 'stead of a true artistic drive.

Her album is now available for public consumption.
Let the love flow in the form of green paper.

Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams

Shine on Solange.

Enjoy Solange's extremely high energy performance on Letterman below.
The girl is not stiff. She definitely inherited a kick a-- set of pipes, and a dancer's prowess.

We also have a link to OKP's feature on Sol for you, here.

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