Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bobby Digital Lives On In Comics

Excellent news for Wuheads starving from more of
RZA's alter ego.
RZA informed Billboard after the release of DigiSnacks
that he plans on developing Bobby Digital.

“I’m gonna continue to build the character with films, comics … I hate to sound so business-push with it, but I see Bobby Digital as being a potential franchise for hip-hop.

He ain’t too watered-down. He ain’t too soft. He ain’t too good. He’s got a little bit of everything in him that people can relate to, so I’m gonna try to develop him like that. I think he will have more adventures.”

"I found the old films, the old artwork, everything," he says. "They're low-budget films, but they've got a vibe to them and I think they offer the hip-hop community something. When I was first doing it, it felt like I could've had a bigger budget, but now it feels like a classic."

Grazi Billboard

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