Friday, August 15, 2008

Reviewed: Algebra Blessett: Purpose

Algebra Blessett's approach to love songs is fresh and non-formulaic. She doesn't redo the hopelessly replayed 'Why you treat me like this?' laments that have been so prevalent in "modern-day" R&B, but instead respectfully dissects love's components and approaches the phenomena with a rational soul lyric the likes of which we all should have more of.

'At this time' opens the 'Purpose' CD with the old school tinted flavor that is vibrant enough as a slow tempo song to make you move even the most lazy of bones. It reminded me of those moments when house parties blessed festivities with classics from Guy, Today and similar timeless slow to mid-tempo jam manifesters. The Harmonies are insane.

The songs continue along a similar vibe, heavy bass grooves leading the other instruments beautifully, making each track happy, summertime soundtrack material.
'Purpose' is an album that truly should have been released in the summer. Everything about it screams life and celebration. Algebra has revealed herself as one of the priestesses of the urban rainbow.

'Run and Hide' already a favorite since the single dropped is one of the cd's crowning jewels. Resplendent, exquisitely produced and resonantly sung. The production is unmatched, as production on this effort is finessed by some of the greatest producers ever to deliver. Kwame being just one of them.

The feel changes a bit towards the very end of the cd, but as a whole Algebra's 'Purpose' belongs on our cd shelves. There really isn't anyone who has been complaining about the lack of true music in the mainstream that shouldn't be reaching for it. It should come as no surprise that she is one of Kedar's sonic angels considering the blessings of the undiscovered D'angelo, and Badu once delivered from Kedar Massenburg in the past.

Algebra Blessett is one of the quiet titans in the commercial indie scene. Her aim is precise, and her sonic prowess is heavy. The world hasn't seen enough of her though, which might work if her mysteriousness is slowly revealed to the world at least little by little. I just hope her lack of video interviews, and the like aren't a sign of things not to come a return
of her majesty on wax.

If more musicbuyers realized music was making a comeback complete with dope production, majestic vocals, and intelligent lyrics, they would likely start to buy records again. Real artists need real promotion. It makes me angry to see the insanely talented outshined by mediocre mimics who get all the marketing efforts because of whatever unseen industry politics and deals kept behind closed doors...

Algebra is not payola radio.
She's real radio, and we want real radio back. Now.

'Purpose's' Majestic Tracks:

Besides pretty much the whole album...

At This Time
U Do It For Me
Happy After
My Pride
Simple Complication

Grazi Nathalie

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