Thursday, August 21, 2008

PurpleZoe is Visualizing Her Hands Around The Steering Wheel Of An Electric Car

This is huge on the wishlist. I would freelance my fingers off in a barter and trade for an electric car. Seriously. I'd even consider creating a marvelous marketing package, ghostwriting a novel for someone and putting my other projects on the backburner for a sec. Between my wish for a tablet pc and the electric car, the Electric car wins.

You know a sistah is working 'The Secret' right about now.

I looked into other green vehicle options such as the vegetable oil conversion on the Lovecraft Biofuels site, and though hyped, I'm really more excited about the electric vehicle at present.
Here's to technology kicking the bureaucrats in the hindquarters. Let's move with the green society already upper one percenters! Sheez. You can't win. Nature is taking over. Oils almost gone. WAKE UP!

Interesting article here about Solar Vehicles.
We have the technology. Time to demand it. Loudly.


Danielle said...

Girl, I feel you on manifesting what we desire through reaching visualization. When I first saw this on your sidebar a while ago it really struck me.

I recently did my first long distance tarot reading and it was a success. This amazing girl turned around and donated $50 to Modern Musings. I shared my enthusiastic gratitude on Twitter and from outta the ether came another donation of $75 from a fairly new contact.

What I got my eye on is the souped up Toyota Prius from Cal Tech that runs on 100mpg.

I know I've been absent but my love for you is eternal.

Light and Love all the day long.

Modern Musings

PurpleZoe said...

Peace *_^

It's all about our vision and how we shape it. I'm due to invest in a new vehicle, but don't want to support the oil trade any longer.
I like the word on the Prius.
100 miles per gallon works.


Congrats on the donation success. Very nice, and much respect for adding the Rasa to ModernMusings.

Shine on