Friday, August 1, 2008

Taser Wielding Cop Fired For Murder

It's good to hear that there's been some sane action taken in regards to the murder of Barron Scooter Pikes/Collins, cousin of Mychal Bell, who was killed by taser electrocution while in custody. Barron died 39 minutes after being arrested, after having been electrocuted with a taser 9 times.

Ex-Officer Scott Nugent has been fired for his murderous behavior in the incident.

Now it's time to put him on trial.

Electronic Village writes:
In his own written report of the Pikes' incident, Nugent acknowledged that he had subdued and handcuffed Pikes after a foot chase and that Pikes had not struggled or resisted arrest. Instead, Nugent wrote, he began tasering Pikes after the suspect did not respond quickly enough to Nugent's order to stand up and walk to a waiting police car.

Witnesses reported that Pikes had pleaded with Nugent and two other arresting officers to stop tasering him.

Thankyou Villager for the heads up


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