Friday, August 1, 2008

Finding Motivation

There's an important question most of us forget to ask ourselves from time to time: What do I want?
It's a crucial question, considering we seem to constantly be focused upon what we don't want, though a little self direction towards those things that we find harmony with would eliminate our need to complain and open more room into that which we need to embrace in our lives.
This month indulge yourself in finding out what your true motivations are, rather than what you think your motivations should be. It doesn't matter what others think you should want. They have their own lives and they can manage their motivations as they see fit. Your life is given to you.
If you can't embrace your wishes and goals, you won't likely surround yourself with those who will applaud and support you on your path to attaining them.
It's never too late to embrace your purpose, or to find it for that matter.
Begin with those things that make you happy. We are in natural affinity with those things that are in alignment with our paths. Truly, Follow Your Bliss.

Monthly affirmation:
I embrace my goals and dreams, and accept harmonious people, places and things into my life, because I am good enough, and worthy of happiness.

Monthly Totem:
The Koala

"Koalas are solitary animals. They are independent and a bit indifferent to family members. The koala teaches us how to be comfortable with our own company. They also have a highly developed sense of smell. Koala medicine people have strong psychic and clairaudient abilities. Sound that soothes the senses and aromatherapy benefit them.

Although they appear to be passive with a nonchalant attitude, koalas are very territorial. They demand their personal space and accommodate one another accordingly.

Seldom distracted and always focused, the koala is a master in the art of deep relaxation and concentration. If those with this totem consume a large variety of foods digestive problems could occur. Basic food groups are recommended with an emphasis on herbs and herbal remedies. They hold the teachings of stress free movement and can show us how to create and maintain sacred space in our lives. When the koala appears in our life its reminding us to stand solid within ourselves and not be influenced by situations or events."

Thankyou Sayahda

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