Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Awards For Underground Genius- Coming Soon

The Underground Genius awards can't truly represent the voice of the Underground without your recommendations, yays and nays. To collect your voices, we're accepting your suggestions for each category grassroots style, in the comments before we put up the polls for the popular vote.
Underground Genius Awards will be blessedly random rather than happening only once a year, to give opportunity to emerging artists that may pop up at any moment. The system also allows for the element of surprise that we love so much. Banners for winners will be uploaded and made available when the winners are announced.

The candidates with the most votes will be voted on for a short period and announced in the Modern Myth issues for Purple Mag, as well as onsite here at

More than one candidate can win in each category.

Shine on

Current Underground Genius
(Suggestions Welcome)

Indie Genius
Musical Genius
Visual Genius
Grassroots Genius
Communal Genius
Mad Scientific Genius
Fly Vegan Genius
Green Genius
Ingenious Scribe
Militant Genius
Revolutionary Genius
Critical Genius
Cinematic Genius
Indescribable Genius
Budding Genius
Digital Genius
Kinetic Genius

Current Suggestions
(drop them
in the comments or
email purplemag at
to send in suggestions

Mos Def
Saul Williams
Amanda Diva
Trezure The Empress
Blackgirl On Mars
Raashan Ahmad
Tabitha Bianca
Scheme Magazine
Ise Lyfe
Dragons of Zynth
Blk Jks
ElectronicVillage (Blogspot)
Imani Coppola
IllMami & Novamatic (CriticalGenius)
Liberator Mag.
Neet Magazine
Honeychild Coleman
Aunt Keke
Charles Saunders
Brig Feltus
BlackBlogWatch/Courtney Payne (Communal Genius)
Cocoa Lounge

and of course the list goes on...

Stay Tuned For Official Announcements Regarding Random Awards Nomination Gathering, Voting, and Winners.

note: The Archetypal winners are eligible for outofbox giftboxes which incl. Indie DIY toiletries, Previously Loved Items, Cross-Promotional delights, Maji-related goodies, Mixtapes, and the like.

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