Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Grassroute- Safe Sex, Secret Laws, Rebels, and Confused Peacekeepers?

An AAC podcast is forthcoming that will feature current coordinators, participants and friends. Topics that will be covered include updates on the Jena 6, the stand for cultural respect in media, and the current campaign that seeks to ensure proper measures are taken to end the law officer inflicted electrocution by taser suffered by too many innocents.
Join the discussion at Talkshoe on Friday at 8pm EST.
Updates and information on present and past campaigns is usually available via the googlesite: AAC (The AAC googlesite was disabled two days ago, and messages have been sent to Google to determine why a black activist site that contained no profanity, or copywritten material would need to be disabled... I've dug Google over the years but they are getting the side-eye more and more...)

For now enjoy the earlier July call between the AAC and TeamDarfur's Joey Cheek. Joey was recently denied a Visa to China despite his activism which supported the Olympics as a platform for activism. Something tells me China is now entering territory they won't be able to bully their way out of as public awareness grows.

Culture Kitchen Weighs In On
The Conquest And Theft of America

"ON JULY FIFTEEN OF 2008, Rhode Island Republican Governor Donald L. Carcieri signed an executive "Illegal Immigration Control Order" [pdf] into law. It begins with some storytelling.

WHEREAS, most Rhode Islanders and most Americans are descendants of immigrants from all regions of the world

Stop. Most are, true. And you know who aren't "descendants of immigrants from all regions of the world"?

Mexicans, for one. We are not "immigrants" on this land. We are Indians who have been invaded and occupied (just as Iraq has) by Imperialist Euro-forces, and who eventually blended with our greedy, self-justifying, resource-thirsting overlords by means of rape, occupation, an eventual perverse desire to blend and be like the rulers, and in time simply because we've all been living on the same land since then."

-Nezua Limon Xolagrafik Jonez

Sister Carmen ( and Brother Villager (Electronic Village-Blogspot) Speak At BWB conference

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

Bush Passing Secret Laws To Expand Intelligence Powers

President Bush's new executive order revising rules for intelligence agencies expands the national intelligence director's powers and may further erode the CIA's traditional autonomy.
The order, revised in secret and signed Wednesday, is drawing criticism from civil liberties groups and even lawmakers from the president's own party.
-Pamela Hess, AP

"We have secret laws governing secret agencies that are engaging in secret spying against Americans, and they're using our own tax dollars to do it. This isn't keeping us safer it's only making all Americans suspects in the eyes of the government," said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU's legislative office in Washington.

The Safesex License

In an age where we must be aware of safety if we choose to engage in sexual relations, the safe sex license is a welcome invention.

Get yours here.

Grazi Obenson report.

The Guardian Interviews Spike Lee

"He loses his temper with journalists. Advises them on what they ought to read. Gives monosyllabic answers. Or no answers. When he's bored with you, they say, he yawns in your face. What will I do if he yawns in my face?"
- Howard Jacobson, The Observer

African Union Request ICC To Defer Prosecution

A shame. The African Union has requested the ICC defer from
prosecution of Bashir, out of fear.

It is time to stare fear in the face and stop feeding it.


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