Friday, August 1, 2008

Saying No To Flouridation And Yes To Life.

Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

Considering the brain damage flouride (in toothpaste and drinking water) can cause, the toothbrushing options are slim. Even Tom's of Maine contains SLS (like most soaps and other products), which is very harmful.
It's no wonder our children have had so many cognitive problems with the toxins they've been routinely exposed to. 600 physicians, scientists and dentists have actually called for an end to fluoridation. Has your news channel shared that information with you?

Has anyone ever told you that flouride also has a hypnotic effect on the mind?
Interesting that it's pumped through our water systems. Why do we allow rat poison in our water?

Here are a few more things flouride can do to you:

Filtering your water of flouridation can be done with a reverse osmosis filter, but not the average carbon filter. Consider also that you take toxins in through your skin, so a reverse osmosis shower filter is also a wise investment...

For toothbrushing needs, Glacial Blue may offer an alternative as it is a blend of spearmint, peppermint and almond oils that you can actually swallow. Yay for nature, for real. Let's all return to it.

Click the image of Glacial Blue to be taken to a merchant that carries it.
Thanks Dr. Mercola


Blackgirl On Mars said...

Whatsup Sister! Thanks for this. I just recently caved in to my son for a tube of commercial toothpaste. We never buy it for him, but we were on Holiday and well, you know, for him it's like he never had it and oh, can I try it? It's going in the garbage NOW (not before explaining to him why though)!
the lab
(I'm slowly but surely getting back into the saddle :-) )

Danielle said...

We need to get it outta the tap water!!!!

This is in the same line as vaccines. You're stuck if you don't home school, the kids need the immunizations for registration.

You see we are nearly at 3000 signatures for LaVena, less than 200 to go.

Love and Light.

Modern Musings

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Chica!

I hear you.
We use Tom's of Maine, but I think we'll be switching to Glacial Blue for our permanent toothpaste, because even though Tom's doesn't use flouride, they do use SLS :(

It's crazy that rat poison has been passed off as good for society. Bless the youth of these recent generations. They have truly been assaulted with toxins in their foods, soaps, toys, you name it. Thankfully we're armed with the knowledge sooner in the internet age than we used to get it in the tv age.

Continue to shine Sistren

PurpleZoe said...

Peace D^_^

You're absolutely right. People have been trapped into it. If they don't homeschool the options are nill. There's a list that includes alternatives that I posted on awhile back. Some loopholes exist. We shouldn't have to rely on loopholes though...

Congrats on the LaVena petition. You're an activism powerhouse for real, Danielle.

Shine on