Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alicia Keys Wanted In Agent 355 Role

The producer of the film adaptation of the graphic novel has expressed an interest in seeing Alicia Keys in the role of Agent 355, though there are some who question whether she can pull off the role's heavy weapon toting prowess, despite her role in Smokin Aces.
The role though prominent raises cultural questions for us in the underground as the story it is based on supports a plot where the only males left on Earth are a white male (slated to be played by Shia Lebouf) and his monkey (wtf?), after every other mammal with a y chromosome is wiped off of the face of the planet. The role of Agent 355 is the role of bodyguard.


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Yobachi said...

As far as I'm concerned Alicia Keys is just wanted.

Shai Lebuf or whatever, that's the Transformers kid isn't it? I think he's to busy with his dui and multiple arrest to be worrying about new roles right now. He might want to learn how to handle his liquor first.

Anyway, let me guess. The hot female body guard and her subject end up humping. This is so not predictable; which is so not typical hollywood *sarcasm*

PurpleZoe said...

Definitely not predictable *_^
Thanks for stopping through Yobachi.
It's always a pleasure.


Naztakuan said...

Read the series first. Unless they change it. Yorick and Threefifty NEVER have sex. Although he falls in love with her after like 7 years, she is shot and killed before anything could happen between them. The series is way more serious( think watchmen) than you'd think. But hollywood might screw it up. Alicia is simply innappriate. It's like when they picked Halle for Storm. Hollywodd continually picks more domiicile black female thespians to play characters that are much stronger in their original incarnation. 355 is the kind of person who would beat the snot out of you and kill you with any object found nearby. Really no nonsense. Alicia is way to soft for the role. There are far better black female professionally trained actresses to take the role. I would prefer they use someone not well known. Like someone who's had years of stage experience.