Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dope Quote: Spike Lee

Seriously, folks who use the word mulatto need to recognize the reality.
Most African-Americans are bi or multi-racial. Feeding into the separate and divide mentality is a mistake. I very much dig what Spike has to say on the issue:

“First, I go by the ‘one-drop rule,’” he said in Denver, where he has come to see firsthand his man accept the Democratic nomination for President. “One drop [of black blood], and you’re black. The truth is, every African-American is biracial. Go back far enough, and you’ll find the massah was in the slave quarters. You can’t be black and go to Harvard Law School? You can’t be black and be articulate?”
- The Legendary Spike Lee

By the way...
Obama lost my potential vote when he voted in favor of FISA (after I was already giving him the side-eye for chastising the black men of the community as weakening society's foundation despite the fact that the men he was speaking to in that church were actually at-home Fatherly types, but I still won't stand for smack-talking directed at either him or his wife (Queen) the lovely Michelle Obama, based on their race as black people... not a "mulatto" and black couple.

"Mulatto" is an offensive slave term. Mulatto children had white father's by the way, that were their slave masters... Know any of those in this day and age?

The one-drop rule is the reality in Amerikkka folks.

With that said.
Mckinney's got my vote at this point.
The Green party needs to become a more seriously considered party, sooner than later. The Donkeys and Elephants in suits have been playing the same 'ol game for too long. I doubt it will change.

I can respect alot about Obama, but I can't respect that he's okay with compromising our privacy. The attack on our privacy is a step in the wrong direction, and scarily Orwellian (I'm aware 'scarily' is not necessarily a word...yet).

Obamites, I hope we can still be friends. Mckinneyites are pretty cool people too.

Grazi for the intel Miss Diva.

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