Monday, August 4, 2008

Snails Pace Plastic Bans And Related Sentiments

The snails pace response to the dangers of plastic is amazing to me. Plastic enters our systems through food, water, skin, and even the dust we inhale... You can find it in almost everything from children's toys, to household wares which contain endocrine disrupters BPA, and Phthalates. These two villians mimic hormones, and as we know even small amounts of estrogen can cause grand changes in physiology. Is it any wonder that there are fully developed 9 year old females popping up in our society?

When plastic is exposed to heat (think microwave...), age, or stress, trace amounts of its makeup are released making its usage a serious concern, as BPA
(a.k.a Bisphenol-a) and Phthalates are used to fortify or sometimes soften the plastics.

Until these products are banned, steer clear of plastic items that read numbers 3 or 7. These numbers indicate the strong likelihood that the plastic contains BPA and/or Phthalates. You should avoid heating plastic wherever possible, and be advised that canned foods are also a concern if they contain acidic contents like tomatoes. Support initiatives like Zelfo, so plastics can be replaced altogether with biodegradable mash-ups.

This poison has lined baby bottles. Be advised when you're looking for greener bottles that won't harm your child. Life without plastic provides a list of baby/children's products that can be used without bringing the dangers of plastic into your home.

Thankyou Dr. Mercola For Your Consistent Warnings

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