Thursday, August 21, 2008

The UrbAlt Genre on Metaweb's Freebase (Wikipedia's Replacement)

UrbAlt is listed as a Genre on Metaweb's open database at
You can list artists that fit the genre by clicking add topic, or add new in the UrbAlt page.

From Freebase:

Founded in the late 1990's by Boston Fielder, UrbAlt (Underground Railroad Broadcast Alternative) began with performances by underground artists who didn't easily fit into a box. Inspired by the difficulty record stores seemed to have agreeing on what albums his genre fit into on record store shelves, Boston Fielder set out to create a genre that would embrace the out-of-box thinkers in underrepresented and less typical culture. Eventually his performance series morphed into a festival co-organized by Shena of Tenderhead in NYC, which now features alternative artists of multicultural roots, such as experimental jazz artists, afropunks and the like. Recently UrbAlt embraced the idea of going global, and has created an online gathering place on ning. UrbAlt will also hold a festival in Ghana in 2009 as part of its international efforts.

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There's a discussion section through the UrbAlt page if you wish to begin a discussion there.

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