Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Intention Experiment

Click the image for more information on a powerful experiment (a video in a longer entry) in the power of thought.

Thankyou Rasa


Danielle said...

I have been working more in depth with Hado water and it's unbelievable. I did though start the move and purge and the entry's url is now

Sorry for the inconvenience, I like my online world tidy, channeling it homeward.

Tomorrow's a big day. First day of 2nd grade, First day of Kindergarten and First day back at the books with Biology and World Literature.

I will really try to get to the questions for the Am I not Human Campaign, tomorrow since my hub is returning Tuesday!!!

So much to say maybe we can chat tomorrow on the phone, which would be great.

Peace and Blessings the whole day through.

Modern Musings

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Danielle *_^

My browser keeps crashing because I have an overabundance of videos on the front page... I will have to fix the link next time I log in. Thanks for the heads up on the new link.

I have this months 'Am I Not Human ebook' layed out, and will check for typos tomorrow when I get back in in the evening. I can definitely use your questions for the next issue. Hopefully Wayne will be able to weigh in on his perspectives as well.
Please feel free to ask others in your circle, who may be interested in offering their perspective.
We can do the ebook in parts that stretch through December and see what ideas arise that can be useful.
I may ask Yobachi, Sojourner and a few others if they would like to weigh.
Everyone has alot on their plate, which I can relate to, but if given enough time we might get a good response.

It's a busy week with Q starting school next week. We're taking care of last minute preparations: shape-ups at the barber shop, extra shopping and the like.

If you see me in gmail, hit me up on the IM or email me. I'd love to hear how the Hado water is working out, and how your readings are faring. I don't do the phone thing often these days. I'm juggling like 4 campaigns (no exaggeration) so it's easier for me to communicate on IM's while I'm multi-tasking. When I am off the pc, and done making the nightly grub and doing any needed domestic organizing, a sistah has been needing the time to zone and rebalance. The summer flew by and I barely remember it:(
But at least it's for good cause.

Send my congrats to the little ones on their first day! I have a good feeling about the Fall/Winter season.
I'm definitely sending out the positive intentions in abundance.

Have a good 1