Sunday, August 24, 2008

Modern Mythos in Issue#6 of Purple Magazine

Your Modern Myths (incl. articles on mythic/legendary people, places, and things) are welcome in Purple's Annual issue of Modern Myth for Underrepresented culture. This annual issue was born out of a desired reemergence of celebrated diversity rather than the criminalized image placed upon people from underrepresented cultures. The focus upon subcultural splendor is heavy in this issue, and contributions that celebrate box-breaking imagery, literature (Modern Myths- articles about subcultural underground legends and legends in the making-, and experimental artistry are heralded).

Please remember this issue is dedicated to building new positive non-damaging mythos and cultural splendor for cultures that have been largely demonized by colonized thinkers. This issue is essentially dedicated to healing the trauma imposed by colonization upon native peoples the world over and celebrating the rebirth of people whose traditions have been stripped and mangled. If you're myths mainly cater to over-represented culture, we would have to consider them for another issue.

Submissions are accepted via: purplemag at

Photostories are welcome. Send your ideas for them, or if they are already complete send them along.

Images should be 300 dpi or higher. Full page images should be 2550x3300 at 300 dpi.

Text maximum is loosely 7 pages. If you're work is longer than 7 pages, you can still submit it. Exceptions are of course made for exemplary work.
Submit in a word, or openoffice file attached to your email, and please include a short biline that includes you website and any other works you wish to have mentioned ( opensource software is downloadable if you need a word processor).

We prefer ideas that need to be developed (ie. photo stories that require models and locations to be organized) be sent by Sept. 6 if possible.

Music for the Bag of Stardust compilation, our annual Modern Myth issue accompaniment, should be sent as an .mp3 by Oct 17, with an emphasis on sooner, to ensure there will still be room.

note:The recent Green Issue is available like all of our past issues, for free download here: or through (Back issues may be added to Amazon, but there is the challenge of needing to lay them out from scratch which can only been done when time allows).

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